No observations found for the given operating system running a specific Python version

The supplied configuration of the software environment is not known.

Issue description

Thoth’s configuration file .thoth.yaml states unknown configuration of:

In such cases, the resolver cannot resolve software stack for the given environment. To see supported configurations, you can browse the resolution logs:

thamos log

Alternatively, you can check available configurations on Thoth API:

curl -X GET \
  -H  "accept: application/json"

See Thamos documentation for more info on how to state configuration options in .thoth.yaml.

Affected packages

The error is not specific to any package but rather to the runtime environment configuration used.


Issue fix

Check the resolution log for the available configurations (see above) and adjust your .thoth.yaml accordingly.

Pipeline units

Recommendation types

This error can occur for all the recommendation types available:

See this document that describes recommendation types listed.