No more possible paths found for resolution, terminating resolver in iteration N

Resolver tried to check all the available paths in the resolution process and no more internal resolver states were left to be checked.

Issue description

The resolution process was stopped as the resolver checked all the states available (see Thoth’s adviser principles to understand “state” abstraction). This warning notifies the user about this fact but does not indicate any failure in the resolution process. The resolution can still be successful if at least one software stack is produced (otherwise no stack produced error is printed).

This warning might also indicate that there is no valid resolution for the requirements supplied. In such cases, “no stack was produced” error message should be printed. See the linked justification for a resolution.

As number of states kept during the resolution process is configurable, consider adjusting beam and it’s width if the resolution process should take into account more states. This configuration option is not available to users but is configured by the service operator.

Affected packages

This warning is not specific to any package.


Issue fix

If the warning produced results in a subsequent “No stack was produced”, see resolution stated in the linked justification.

Pipeline units

This warning is not specific to any pipeline unit.

Recommendation types

This warning is not specific to any recommendation type.

See this document that describes recommendation types.