Development dependencies will not be taken into account

Development dependencies (if any stated) will be used during the resolution process.

Issue description

The resolution process will not take into account development dependencies. This is suitable to reduce the size of the state space of software stacks checked and narrow down the resolution process to better results for packages used for running the application.

If you wish to have your development dependencies resolved, you can pass --dev dependencies to Thamos CLI:

thamos advise --dev

Alternatively, you can set THAMOS_DEV=1 environment variable:

export THAMOS_DEV=1
thamos advise

Note this can add significant overhead to the resolution process. See Thamos documentation for more info.

Affected packages

This message is not related to any specific packages.


Pipeline units

This message is not related to any specific pipeline unit.

Recommendation types

This message can be produced when any recommendation type is used:

See this document that describes recommendation types listed.