thoth.solver.python package


thoth.solver.python.base module

Classes for resolving dependencies as specified in each ecosystem.

class thoth.solver.python.base.Dependency(name, spec)[source]

Bases: object

A Dependency consists of (package) name and version spec.


Check if version fits into our dependency specification.


version – str



property name

Get name property.

property spec

Get version spec property.

class thoth.solver.python.base.DependencyParser(**parser_kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for Dependency parsing.

static compose_sep(deps, separator)[source]

Opposite of parse().

  • deps – list of Dependency()

  • separator – when joining dependencies, use this separator


dict of {name: version spec}


Abstract method for Dependency parsing.

class thoth.solver.python.base.NoOpDependencyParser(**parser_kwargs)[source]

Bases: thoth.solver.python.base.DependencyParser

Dummy dependency parser for ecosystems that don’t support version ranges.

static compose(deps)[source]

Opposite of parse().


Transform list of dependencies (strings) to list of Dependency.

static restrict_versions(deps)[source]

Not implemented.

exception thoth.solver.python.base.NoReleasesFound[source]

Bases: thoth.solver.python.base.SolverException

Exception raised if no releases were found for the given package.

class thoth.solver.python.base.ReleasesFetcher[source]

Bases: object

Base class for fetching releases.


Abstract method for getting list of releases versions.

property index_url

Get URL to index from where releases are fetched.

class thoth.solver.python.base.Solver(dep_parser=None, fetcher=None, highest_dependency_version=True)[source]

Bases: object

Base class for resolving dependencies.

property dependency_parser

Return DependencyParser instance used by this solver.

property release_fetcher

Return ReleasesFetcher instance used by this solver.

solve(dependencies, graceful=True, all_versions=False)[source]

Solve dependencies against upstream repository.

  • dependencies – List, List of dependencies in native format

  • graceful – bool, Print info output to stdout

  • all_versions – bool, Return all matched versions instead of the latest


Dict[str, str], Matched versions

exception thoth.solver.python.base.SolverException[source]

Bases: Exception

Exception to be raised in Solver.

class thoth.solver.python.base.Tokens[source]

Bases: object

Comparison token representation.

EQ1 = 2
EQ2 = 5
GT = 3
GTE = 0
LT = 4
LTE = 1
NEQ = 6
operators = ['>=', '<=', '==', '>', '<', '=', '!=']
thoth.solver.python.base.compare_version(a, b)[source]

Compare two version strings.

  • a – str

  • b – str


-1 / 0 / 1

thoth.solver.python.base.get_ecosystem_solver(ecosystem_name, parser_kwargs=None, fetcher_kwargs=None)[source]

Get Solver subclass instance for particular ecosystem.

  • ecosystem_name – name of ecosystem for which solver should be get

  • parser_kwargs – parser key-value arguments for constructor

  • fetcher_kwargs – fetcher key-value arguments for constructor



thoth.solver.python.python module

Dependency requirements solving for Python ecosystem.

thoth.solver.python.python.resolve(requirements: List[str], index_urls: list = None, python_version: int = 3, exclude_packages: set = None, transitive: bool = True, subgraph_check_api: str = None) → dict[source]

Resolve given requirements for the given Python version.

thoth.solver.python.python_solver module

Classes for resolving dependencies as specified in each ecosystem.

class thoth.solver.python.python_solver.PythonDependencyParser(**parser_kwargs)[source]

Bases: thoth.solver.python.base.DependencyParser

Python Dependency parsing.

static compose(deps)[source]

Compose deps.


Parse specs.

static parse_python(spec)[source]

Parse PyPI specification of a single dependency.


spec – str, for example “Django>=1.5,<1.8”


[Django [[(‘>=’, ‘1.5’), (‘<’, ‘1.8’)]]]

static restrict_versions(deps)[source]

Not implemented.

class thoth.solver.python.python_solver.PythonReleasesFetcher(source: thoth.python.source.Source)[source]

Bases: thoth.solver.python.base.ReleasesFetcher

A releases fetcher based on PEP compatible simple API (also supporting Warehouse API).


Fetch package and index_url for a package_name.

property index_url

Get URL to package source index from where releases are fetched.

class thoth.solver.python.python_solver.PythonSolver(parser_kwargs=None, fetcher_kwargs=None, solver_kwargs=None)[source]

Bases: thoth.solver.python.base.Solver

Pypi dependencies solver.

Module contents

Implementation of ecosystem specific solvers.