Thoth Solver

Dependency solver used in Thoth project.

Project Scope

The aim of this project is to answer a simple question - what packages will be installed (resolved by pip) for the provided stack?

Imagine you have an application that has one dependency:

$ cat requirements.txt

This project will tell you how dependencies could be resolved:

thoth-solver -vvv pypi -r requirements.txt

The output can be found at here.

You can optionally also specify a list of indexes which should be checked for each package.

Installation and Deployment

git clone thoth-solver
cd thoth-solver
PYTHONPATH='.' ./thoth-solver-cli --help

This project is also released on PyPI, so the latest release can be installed via pip or Pipenv:

pipenv install thoth-solver

Solver is run in Thoth to gather information about package dependencies. You can find deployment templates in the openshift/ directory present in the root of solver’s Git repository. The actual deployment is done using Ansible playbooks available in the Thoth’s core repository.


This documentation corresponds to implementation in version 1.2.2, documentation was generated on Sep 18, 2019.