How to Integrate

Three easy steps

I will help you to create new releases of your own source code and I will also help you with keeping the depencencies of your source code up to date. Enabling me to work on your source code is easy. It requires hub, which I strongly recommend! As you are a developer yourself, you know the steps by heart:

1 Clone the Source

to make changes to my configuration, clone the repositoy: hub clone && cd kebechet

2 Add & Commit Changes

add your repository to Kebechet’s configuration

cat <<EOT >> config/myreponame.yaml
  - slug: yourusernameongithub/myreponame
    token: '{KEBECHET_TOKEN}'
      - name: update
          labels: [bot, kebechet]
      - name: version
          labels: [bot, kebechet]
          changelog_file: true

and commit your changes to be pushed to your origin repository: git commit config/myreponame.yaml -m ":tada: added myreponame to Kebechet"

3 Create Pull Request

create a for hub fork --remote-name=origin and push your changes git push origin

to open a pull request use hub pull-request -m 'please help me with myreponame'

That’s it

You are all set, I will have a look at the Pull Request and merge it (or comment on it).

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