Resolver failed as it was unable to resolve direct dependencies

The resolution was terminated as direct dependencies could not be resolved.

Issue description

To resolve a software stack, Thoth aggregates information packages published on Python package indexes. This message happens when Thoth has not solved a direct dependency required by user’s stack. As the direct dependency was not analyzed yet, Thoth cannot resolve the dependency graph to deliver a pinned down software stack.

On the backend side, this prioritizes analysis of the missing package so that users can receive recommendations as soon as possible.

Affected packages:

This message is not specific to any specific package.


Issue fix

Get back to Thoth in a while. Thoth backend analyzes the software to provide recommendations.

Note that this can happen also when the requested package is not available on PyPI (e.g. typo), or no longer available as it was deleted by package maintainers.

Pipeline units

This message is not specific to any pipeline unit.

Recommendation types

This message is not specific to any recommendation type.

See this document that describes recommendation types.