No TensorFlow symbols API found in the database that would match TensorFlow symbols used

Resolver cannot recommend any TensorFlow release based on symbols used as it did not find one or multiple symbols used in the database.

Issue description

TensorFlow changes its API quite often. To make sure the application runs correctly, it is required to make sure required symbols are provided by the Python layer of TensorFlow. The API calls to TensorFlow are automatically obtained during static source code analysis on the client side and compared with the database available on the backend to recommend a specific TensorFlow release to the user.

The warning produced signalizes that symbols used in the user’s code were not matched with preaggregated API symbols. No recommendations of specific TensorFlow release will be done but resolver can still resolve a software stack.

Affected packages:


Issue fix

Resolver will automatically try to find a TensorFlow release that provides the required API.

Pipeline units

Recommendation types

See this document that describes recommendation types listed.