TensorFlow in version <=1.14 used overpinned gast package, using gast in version <=0.2.2

TensorFlow<=1.14 works with gast<=0.2.2.

Issue description

If using TensorFlow<=1.14 with a newer release of gast than 0.2.2, the application can crash with the following error:

AttributeError: module 'gast' has no attribute 'Num'

The issue is in update in gast package to 0.3.0 where Num constant was removed. See the corresponding commit.

Affected packages:


Issue fix

Resolver will try to come up with a different resolution path so that TensorFlow<=1.14 will use gast in version <=0.2.2 without the issue described.

Pipeline units

Recommendation types

This warning can be produced for all the recommendation types, except for latest:

See this document that describes recommendation types listed.

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