Removing a package due to installation time error in the software environment

The given package was removed from the resolution process as it produces errors during installation in the given environment.

Issue description

Thoth runs background analyses that make sure recommended packages have high quality. One of such analyzers is thoth-solver that besides resolving dependencies also captures information if the given package is installable into the environment used.

The fact a package is not installable into the given environment can be caused by multiple issues. Besides Python 2 and Python 3 incompatibilities in, issues like missing native dependencies in the environment (e.g. C toolchain to build native extensions) are also applicable.

Affected packages

This warning is not tight to any specific package.


Issue fix

Resolver will try to find another valid resolution path without the given package.

Pipeline units

Recommendation types

This message can be produced for all the recommendation types.

See this document that describes recommendation types available.