HTTP Routing Table

GET /advise/python/{analysis_id} Get computed adviser result based on its id.
GET /advise/python/{analysis_id}/log Retrieve a adviser run log.
GET /advise/python/{analysis_id}/status Show status of an adviser computing recommendations.
POST /advise/python Get advise for Python ecosystem.
GET /analyze/by-hash/{image_hash} Retrieve an analyzer result.
GET /analyze/{analysis_id} Retrieve an analyzer result.
GET /analyze/{analysis_id}/log Show logs of an analysis.
GET /analyze/{analysis_id}/status Show analysis status.
POST /analyze Analyze the given image asynchronously.
POST /build-analysis Analyze the given build imagestream and log.
GET /buildlog/{document_id} Retrieve the given build log.
GET /container-images Get analyzed container images.
GET /hardware Retrieve a list of supported hardware environments
POST /image/metadata Get metadata for the given image
POST /kebechet-webhook Schedule kebechet instance from webhook
GET /provenance/python/{analysis_id} Retrieve a provenance check result.
GET /provenance/python/{analysis_id}/log Show logs of a provenance checks.
GET /provenance/python/{analysis_id}/status Show status of a provenance check.
POST /provenance/python Check provenance of packages stated in an application stack.
GET /python/imports List imported packages' names.
GET /python/package/dependencies Get direct dependencies of Python libraries. If environment is provided, take into account environment markers that are evaluated during dependencies installation. If environment is not provided, any environment is considered.
GET /python/package/metadata Retrieve metadata relative to a Python Package from the Knowledge Graph.
GET /python/package/versions List versions of the given Python package.
GET /python/platform Get supported platforms for Python ecosystem.
GET /python-package-index List registered Python package indexes.
GET /s2i/python Get available S2I base container images for Python applications.