Thoth Python

This library provides routines for Python specific operations for project Thoth. An example of routines present in this library:

  • manipulating with project (see Project abstraction)

  • operations on top of requirements.txt files and/or Pipfile and Pipfile.lock files

  • operations on top of constraints.txt files

  • operations for operating with Python package source indexes (PEP-0503 compatible simple repository API)

  • operations for Python packages (default and the development ones) and their in memory hierarchical structures


This package is available on PyPI. You can install it with pip or Pipenv:

pipenv install thoth-python

Running and testing

You can use Pipenv for managing this project and execute testsuite using’s test command:

# Clone this package:
git clone thoth-python
cd thoth-python
pipenv install --dev
pipenv run python3 test


This documentation corresponds to implementation in version 0.16.10, documentation was generated on Oct 17, 2022.