thoth.analyzer package


thoth.analyzer.cli module

Base command line helpers for analyzers.

thoth.analyzer.cli.print_command_result(click_ctx: click.core.Command, result: Union[dict, list], analyzer: str, analyzer_version: str, output: Optional[str] = None, duration: Optional[float] = None, pretty: bool = True, dry_run: bool = False) None[source]

Print or submit results, nicely if requested.

thoth.analyzer.command module

Handling invoking commands of external programs in a sane way.

exception thoth.analyzer.command.CommandError(*args, command: delegator.Command, **command_result_kwargs)[source]

Bases: RuntimeError, thoth.analyzer.command.CommandResult

Exception raised on error when calling commands.

Note that this class inherits also from CommandResult, so you can directly access to_dict() or other defined methods.

property stdout

Return standard output from invocation.

Override implementation for errors, not all tools product JSON or errors so try to avoid parsing JSON implicitly.

class thoth.analyzer.command.CommandResult(command: delegator.Command, is_json: bool = False)[source]

Bases: object

Representation of result of a command invocation.

property return_code

Process return code.

property stderr

Return standard error output from invocation.

property stdout

Return standard output from invocation.

property timeout

Timeout that was given to the invoked process to finish.


Represent command result as a dict.

thoth.analyzer.command.run_command(cmd, timeout=60, is_json=False, env=None, raise_on_error=True)[source]

Run the given command, block until it finishes.

Module contents

Shared code logic in Thoth analyzers.