thoth.adviser.python.pipeline.units package


thoth.adviser.python.pipeline.units.cve module

Shared code for strides and steps.

thoth.adviser.python.pipeline.units.cve.get_cve_records(graph: thoth.storages.graph.postgres.GraphDatabase, package_tuple: Tuple[str, str, str]) → List[dict][source]

Retrieve CVEs for the given package from graph database.

thoth.adviser.python.pipeline.units.semver module

Sort paths according to semver to preserve generation of packages - latest first.

thoth.adviser.python.pipeline.units.semver.semver_cmp_package_version(package_version1: thoth.python.package_version.PackageVersion, package_version2: thoth.python.package_version.PackageVersion) → int[source]

Compare two packages based on semver.

Module contents

Common code for pipeline units - steps and strides.

These classes are meant to be used for sharing code between strides and steps serving similar purpose.